Maria Popova Podcast

Hello everyone, today I have an interesting topic to share as it relates to my current scenario. I want to talk about creating a blog, on my first post. Super ironic right, all right then, let’s get into it.  So, if you listen to the podcast Maria Popova on Being interesting, creating more time in a day, and how to start a successful blog, you will listen to Maria talk about a few topics but I will cover the most important one for me, how to make creating enjoyable. This is something I always struggle with because, according to Maria, I was doing it wrong, instead of doing it for myself, I did it for the audience, made myself a slave if you will, and it was torture. But, when I learned to do it for myself, it was so much more pleasant and enjoyable. So, if you want to create anything, don’t think of it as content, think of it as an experience that you can use to play with and enjoy.


By for now, see you on my next post.