10 Essential Books to Enchant Teenagers with Poetry

Hello again. Today I am going to talk about 3 poems from one of these books. The book I chose the Beatles song book as I love music. The first poem is Yesterday. In this poem, the main character is talking about how they miss yesterday and how the y didn’t have to deal with the consequences of yesterday. I think that this song shows regret about how they did some thing they shouldn’t have done. This shows how every choice you make is important as it can have dire consequence. The second poem I chose is Lucy, this poem describes the main character to be sad that a girl named Lucy (most likely a significant other or relative) and how she is now dead. In the poem and I quote

“I’ve gotta live with the choices I made

And I can’t live with myself today”, this quote shows how the main character regrets something they did and now Lucy is dead. The third and final poem is Girl. This one is about a main character who is in a relationship with a girl he likes but regrets being with here as she has him trapped in this relationship. He wants out but every time they try, she cries and promises every thing to them. All of these songs detail how a bad choice can leave you in a great amount indelible and regret about last choices. This is a !message that is needed to be spread out to all teens as they might make a bad choice that leaves them stuck in a loop of bad choice, repercussions, and regret.

Why I Read

Hello again, I,m here to tell you about reading and me. I have always loved reading, even when I was little. I was the one who would always have a book on them during school.  Reading is a huge part of my life, I read up to 4 books a week. I also have a very good reading skill, at the age of 13, I could read as though I was in the 11th grade, a very good achievement on it’s own. But, my reading habit also help me stay sane. I was bullied in school and books were my way out. I have always loved books and they will forever be a part of my life.



Thank you for reading and have a good day.

Art and it’s meaning

Hello again, today I will talk about a work of art that is close to me, it is a song called Be Alright. This is a song by Dean Lewis, he is an Australian song writer/singer whom was inspired to create music in 2005 when he saw a DVD of an Oasis concert. The song is about the main character of the song finding out his Gf was cheating on him. This song hits me hard as I have endured many hardships over the past few years and this song  hits home as it has the main character’s friends tell him it will all be alright and he can start over again with someone new. It also points out how it can be hard to walk away from something you love but it will always happen whether or not you want it to. I honestly find this song inspiring as many people in our world today forget that loosing something you love isn’t the end of the world, but the start0 of something new.  The one last thing I want to say is that no matter the cost, everything lost can be found, every thing broke can be fixed, and nothing is more important in this world than you. An object can be replaced, a loved one can’t.

And with that all said and done, good by.

Maria Popova Podcast

Hello everyone, today I have an interesting topic to share as it relates to my current scenario. I want to talk about creating a blog, on my first post. Super ironic right, all right then, let’s get into it.  So, if you listen to the podcast Maria Popova on Being interesting, creating more time in a day, and how to start a successful blog, you will listen to Maria talk about a few topics but I will cover the most important one for me, how to make creating enjoyable. This is something I always struggle with because, according to Maria, I was doing it wrong, instead of doing it for myself, I did it for the audience, made myself a slave if you will, and it was torture. But, when I learned to do it for myself, it was so much more pleasant and enjoyable. So, if you want to create anything, don’t think of it as content, think of it as an experience that you can use to play with and enjoy.


By for now, see you on my next post.